Kate Sprague Gledhill


We are pleased to announce that Kate Sprague Gledhill will be joining the Writers Panel.

Kate Sprague GledhilI grew up on farms in central Illinois in the 1950s and 60’s. A tomboy by nature, she loved the rural life. First horses, then boys, took over her interests as she grew up and her family’s problems became harder and harder to ignore. A voracious reader, she was led to writing as personal therapy, but it took thirty plus years, the drawing of a map of where she grew up and the safe confines of a women’s writing group to make her decide to tell her story to others. Kate lives with her husband of fifty years in Winston Salem, NC. They have a son, James, daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, one grandson, James, (all in Winston Salem) and a daughter, Jennifer, in Savannah, GA. Her interests are family, reading, writing, genealogy and travel. Her professional background was nursing, infection prevention and epidemiology.