Twin City Artisans


We are happy to announce that the Twin City Artisans will be joining us this year.

A Group of Like-Minded Artisans Working Together for the Mutual Benefit of All.

Twin City Artisans, formed in 2014, gives North Carolina Artisans the chance to improve and develop their artistic voices in chosen mediums. The members encourage each other and encourage the community to be aware of the quality and value of hand crafted art and to learn and be motivated to try something artistic on their own.

Each of the artisans works in their own studio or workspace.  The members meet for regularly scheduled sessions throughout the year.  They come together during events, festivals, and shows scheduled through the year.  They exhibit their art independently as well.  You can identify a Twin City Artisan by the logo displayed at their booth or tent.

The membership is blessed with a  variety of artistic talent; many work in more than one medium.  The basic categories are:

Painting and fine arts selections
Stained glass and fused glass designs
Woodworking, including a scroll and jigsaw specialist and woodturning
Jewelry made using agates and natural gemstones, copper chains, earrings, stonework; wrapped jewelry (stone or silver wrapped jewelry); repurposed jewelry
Basket weaving using natural, local grasses and vines(kudzu, honeysuckle, mimosa bark), harvested by the artist
Spun wool and knitted pieces including hats

Perhaps you have artistic skills?  Twin City Artisans is looking to expand and encourage arts.  The process to become part of this dynamic group is not difficult. Bring photos of your work  to our booth at Second Spring. We will discuss your goals and see if TCA is a match for you.  Many of the members teach their crafts at locations or studios in the area.  During the year we participate as a group in local festivals and craft fairs and host 2 events for our members and invited guests.

You can contact us anytime at 336-345-5721;


“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.” (Georgia O’Keeffe)