Silent Auction – Linda Weaver

Linda Weaver has graciously donated a painting for the Silent Auction.

Although Linda Weaver does not confine her painting to portraits of children, Weaver has an uncanny ability to capture the world of a child. Using a richly varied palette of oils or pastels, she records for posterity the charm and nostalgia associated with childhood.

Along with Weaver’s talent and accomplishments in creating freehand original portraits, she is also an accomplished photographic artist who exhibits, judges and lectures throughout the United States and Europe. Her photographic experience serves her well in capturing her subject for reference in painting the freehand portrait. In the world of photography, she has received many professional awards including:


  • American Society of Photographers Fellowship and Associate Degrees
  • The Eastman Kodak Gallery of Excellence Award
  • The Professional Photographers of America Master Artist, Master Photography and Craftsman Degrees
  • Certified Professional Photographic Specialist
  • The Professional Photographers of America National Award
  • American Photographic Artisans Guild Laurel Degree and Service Award
  • The Professional Photographers of North Carolina Fellowship and Associate Degrees
  • Carolina Artisans Guild Fellowship Award and Service Degree Linda Weaver’s Studio is maintained on the scenic former estate of R.J. Reynolds. The studio includes a gallery, painting studio, camera room and photographic darkroom. The staff at Linda Weaver’s Studio manage their clients’ needs cordially and efficiently.