2019 Festival will be held at the Historic Broyhill Center

The Historic Broyhill Building was built in 1925. The original 60,000 square foot building and grounds were developed at a cost of $100,000.

Originally established as an elementary and high school, students attended Clemmons Elementary and Clemmons High School until 1956 when the last class graduated. In 1981, the building was slated for demolition.

With a strong appreciation for history and historic preservation, Ed Broyhill heard of the plans for demolition and decided to purchase and restore the old building.

Upon completion of this first round of renovations, the Broyhill family saw the opportunity for a Clemmons-Village concept furniture sale location and opened the Edgar B. Furniture Plantation.


Over the twenty years, the building was home to a variety of furniture based concepts including the Edgar B. catalog order fulfillment center, The Old Clemmons School Antique Mall and a The Old Clemmons School Furniture Liquidation Center.

In 2006, after the most impressive round of renovations, the Broyhill Office Suites and Conference Center concept was born.

This “multi-business under one roof” community concept afforded local business owners luxury office suites and a conference center in the heart of the facility.

The newly renovated conference center featuring 1920’s décor and beautiful chandeliers, hosts a variety of events from seminars to fundraisers to weddings. The story of the Historic Broyhill building is being written each day. Join us today in the making of history…