Featured Artist: BILL GRAMLEY

I love the beach and always look at the clouds when I am there.  This painting shows the rising cumulus clouds over the water.

Featured Artist: EILEEN WILHEM

“Bloom Where Planted” Some might think this truck is done, has finished its service. In reality it now enhances the landscape and makes people smile. We are never done, it is up to us to contribute or just pass through.

Featured Artist: LOU ANN PETERS

Rust is a new favorite subject for me to paint. I love the complementary colors of orange and turquoise. Duplicating the texture is very challenging. I feel that as I have aged I am like the rusty gate, a little rough and colorful but still strong.

Featured Artist: MICHAEL ISLEY

Winston-Salem resident Michael Isley’s interest in stained glass started with a class at Sawtooth School a few years ago. The several different sets of wind chimes on his patio provided the inspiration for “Still Chimes.” The soft, dulcet tones of wind chimes, music played by Mother Nature’s gentle breezes, can be very soothing and calming,…